#TGFG: Celine Dion, acorn squash, the four temperaments

This section of the blog is called Thank God for Google. I couldn’t live without Google. I love Google. Most of what I know, I learned from Google. Here’s what I searched this week and why:

  • “celine dion” – Celine has been getting me through the tough times. “That’s the Way It Is” is my single lady anthem. If you’re freshly single, throw that puppy on repeat and let your faith in love come back to life. The reason I Googled her was to check if she had any new tour dates up, since my friend and I are planning to go see her in concert in Las Vegas early next year. It will SURELY be a night to remember.
  • “kylie jenner big ang” – I needed to know if I was the only one who thinks Kylie Jenner looks like Big Ang from Mob Wives. The Internet is always one step ahead, and, alas, I was not.
TWINS. (www.intouchweekly.com)
  • “acorn squash” – I have embraced fall in its entirety. Don’t believe me? I bought acorn squash at Trader Joe’s this week! Nothing says fall like a nice roasted acorn squash. I needed a simple recipe for dinner last night and landed on this one.


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