Game of Thrones – The Queen’s Justice


We’re seven years in, and finally, FINALLY, Daenerys and Jon, Fire and Ice, are in the same room. WERE YOU BUGGING OUT? BECAUSE I WAS BUGGING OUT.

Let’s get into it.

  • My heart wanted them to immediately like each other, be on the same page about everything (just bend the damn knee, JON), and ride off into the sunset together with thousands of Dothraki soldiers throwing rose petals at their feet, but… BUT… my head knew that would not be good storytelling. So, all in all, big fan of their first initial squabble. The writers certainly are setting those two crazy kids up for the discovery of a lifetime when they find out they’re aunt and nephew.
  • That scene between Varys and Melisandre was interesting. I thought maybe she was implying that he was super old like she is, but I could be wrong. Maybe he’s the one who can see into the flames? We shall see…
  • Bran is so weird. Like maybe hug your sister??? We know your arms ain’t broke. #SMH
  • I can’t wait for Arya and Sansa to reunite.
  • Euron is creepy AF and I can’t tell if Cersei is seriously into it, or just keeping him motivated to get her dirty work done.
  • Despite staring at Cersei’s lips for about ten minutes and thinking “Hm, weird, they don’t usually have her wearing such a bright lip color,” it took me a little too long to realize what was happening. #facepalm


  • I know that Cersei and Jaime have been together literally since the first episode, but something about their sex scene in this episode was really disturbing to me. Sometimes I tune out that they’re brother and sister, but watching that scene I kept thinking about it the whole time and I was GROSSED. OUT.
  • #RIPLadyOlenna. One of my favorite characters, it’s only right she left the show exactly as she came in: a total badass bitch.


There ya have it. Tell me what you thought of the latest episode!

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